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Subdue Definition Bible

We live in this wonderful world. Our world is very unique. But we live in a world full of dangers like natural disasters and diseases. This was God’s first commandment for our humankind that it was to fill the earth and make it in the control. Now this is what the question is about us that what is meant to be done in the control of the earth is to say it in a word, to control it. For this, the most helpful word is to be controlled.

There are some elements in our earth that are very harmful for human life. In our natural world earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis come. There are also threats like storms, floods and droughts in the weather. How to use and use the sources of the Earth inside the control. There is a slight line between responsible use of these resources and exploitation of these resources which is harmful to human and animal kingdoms.

Initially, wild animals were the main danger for the people, but this danger gradually decreased over time. However, diseases such as leprosy, chickenpox and ascetic have now been completely eliminated. At this time we are facing illnesses like HIV and AIDS. It is heartening for us in today’s time that malaria, which has killed a lot of people, can be brought under control in the near future.

Human nature in the control:

I think that there is a need to subdivide human nature too. Greed, God, and fear create conflict. Those who have a negative impact on this earthly kingdom. With God’s help, we can deal with greed and fear in our lives. We also need to help other people to know God. With this we can create a better world.

For the earth is under God, we can see some verses in the Bible. Through these verses, we will know that God only wants to keep control of God over the whole earth and it will be safe for us:

The verses of bible are following:

Psalms 18:39

For you have girded me with strength to the battle. You have subdued under me those who rose up against me.

Psalms 47:3

He subdues nations under us, and peoples under our feet.

Psalms 74:8

They said in their heart, “We will crush them completely.” They have burned up all the places in the land where God was worshiped.

Psalms 81:14

I would soon subdue their enemies, and turn my hand against their adversaries.

It is revealed through all these verses that God wants to do this earth in his own castes so that there is no sin on this whole earth and we all can live together in love and use these natural means. God has made all these resources for us only. I think that we should read these verses daily from bible for remember them. Human race emphasizes more than just misusing this natural source. We should not do this. We should live our life according to God’s word. This will turn us away from all the evils. God wants to remove all our sins like: greed, fornication, anger, wrath, and deceit, and wants to make us humble, oppressed and loved by people. Our thinking is for the welfare of this earth, not just fulfilling our needs.