Straight is the gate in bible

In the Bible, Jesus said that straight is gate and narrow is the way.

Mathew (7: 14) found in one of the fundamental objections of the fundamental concept by some followers of Christ is a passage – straight gate, it is the narrow path that leads to life. There are some people who get. Once again we should return to the original Christ. We should see Christ in our life. Just as Christ was born into a poor family. However, he was eligible to be born to a king. The Lord Jesus Christ was so humble that he washed the feet of his disciples, showed love to the people, showed his compassion to them, gave forgiveness to the people, endless teaching about the kingdom of God, healing the sick, the poor And bring hope to the destitute, leave it to everyone, wherever they go, do not take anything with them, call with unimaginable courage to do the same for others. Still condemned the King of Kings on the cross. He loved us. They came to save all of us. And they crucified us. That is why we should also choose the Christ way in our life. Which makes us humble.

Like always, the things of Christ are simple, but man took the simple things of Christ and added to it his complex dogmatic teaching, we should take the things of Jesus Christ in a simple way. Just as the Lord Jesus Christ was humble. We should also try to be the same. Now we must learn to accept others.

Many people do not know what will happen to them after their physical death. With this, we remove the stench from the real beauty of God. When we know the salvation given by God, then we should live our lives according to Jesus Christ. That is why Jesus Christ says that gate is straight and the way is clear. Not every person can follow this path. Only those who walk this path can receive the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior. If you accept Jesus Christ as your Savior, it will become easier for you to walk this path. By believing in Jesus Christ, you will become humble in your life. This will make your life the way that the Lord Jesus Christ wants it to be. By this, you too will be able to cause blessings for them and people. Just as Jesus Christ used to be useful to all people, in the same way, you will also be useful to people. When you receive Jesus Christ as the Savior and for the salvation of others, you begin to preach the gospel to them. With this, they also receive the grace and blessings of the Lord Jesus Christ through you. In this, you leave all the bad things in your life like adultery, anger, greed, greed and temptation. This makes your life also be like that of Jesus Christ. By following Jesus Christ, you start thinking of others before you. But it is not easy for every person to understand the love of Jesus Christ. That is why Jesus Christ has said that the path is straight but the way is clear. Not everyone can walk this path. It is easy for those who love the Lord Jesus to walk this path. He can walk this path only who fulfills the commandments of Lord Jesus with his life.