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Meaning of coram deo

If we ask ourselves why God is omnipresent, then we will say yes in the highest. In Latin, the word coram deo has been used for it. The meaning of this word is that we should be recommended to be conscious of the omnipresence of God. To say it means that we should believe that God is omnipresent, nothing is hidden from it. He knows about us all. The word coram deo means that ‘before the face of a god’. The idea of ​​being before God’s face is that our whole life is in the presence of God and it is in the power of God to glorify it.

The real understanding of God’s presence is that he always listens to us, always lives with us, always wants to help us and always keeps an eye on us and our work.

As the reformer says that we should also adopt the truth and practice it in our own life. God is omnipresent, there is nothing in our life that is hidden from God. Our eyes should be more of God and we must be subject to it. Are we all living a life as it believes with our heart?

This is the challenge for all of us, that we adopt the discipline of all the coram deo in our lives, and in all the things that do our work by keeping in mind the presence of God.

By adopting the discipline of coram deo will only benefit us in life. The benefit that will be gained by adopting this is as follows:

1. It inspires you to believe that God knows you personally, loves you very deeply, and he cares for you personally.

2. Enables you to remember that he knows about both your thoughts and actions both good and bad. He also knows your bad deeds that you secretly do. Still he loves you. He has given you a perfect place in your kingdom.

3. It enables you to fear him because you know that his grand disciple comes when we walk in our sinful life with our wishes.

4. It enables you to love people because you know the love of God for those people whom you are talking about throughout your day and invent their time in them.

5. It inspires you to kill sin and teaches you to live a holy life because you know that God is with you in every situation. That is why you no longer need to sin, but you need to live a holy life according to the wishes of God, so that God will be pleased with you and change the situation for you.

6. It tries to make us regulate because we know that God also wants us to be humble. It is only under our God that he can save us. We cannot save ourselves from every situation

7. It enables you to lead a comfortable life even during difficulties or pains. Because you know that you are not alone who is facing a lot of pain or difficulty but God will overcome all the difficulties.

8. It moves you to lead in the love of Jesus and live the life of obedience, to lead other people.

All these benefits can be yours if you believe that God is omnipresent, which is called the Coram deo in Latin language. You can find all of the above benefits by doing this in your life. I hope this article will help you to make your life good.