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Living like Jesus

It is necessary for Christ people to get the maximum number of Gods that their life is like the Lord Jesus. Do you also want to live your life as the Lord Jesus, so that you too can get maximum blessings from God? With this you will be able to find the Holy Spirit as a helper and live your life with ease. Do you want that Christianity is not only a part of your life but also your life?

If your descent is also about that you also want to live a Christian life, then you have to change your life for it. We must change our life like the life of Jesus Christ. We have to remove all the evils of our lives. God’s commandments must be obeyed. We have to make our life soft and humbling. We must bring Jesus Christ to life. Every day the Bible has to be read and one has to apply it every day. By doing so, we can change our life like the life of Jesus. If you are determined to change your life, then Christ Jesus himself will help you.

As Paul writes in his verse

Romans 12: 2

And be not conformed to this world: but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that presents your bodies a living sacrifice, body’ acceptable unto god, which is your reasonable service.

This is the way to transform your life. There is no secret in this. God has not made it complex. It is quite simple, but it is not necessarily simple for everyone. As Paul is saying in his word that do not be a votary for the world, seeing the people of the world do not live your life like them. Live your life while watching the Lord Jesus Christ. Just as they were humble for people, you too became humble towards the people and found the blessings of the Lord Jesus.

Now the most important question is how to stop the impact of the world in its life.

Descent: By refining your mind.

Now you will say that okay we want to do this so that we renew our mind. But what we have to do to do this. All you have to do is think that you have to think like the Lord Jesus. The Lord Jesus himself had lived his life in obedience to God. His mind was attached to his father’s wishes and fulfillment of it. Therefore, we should also strive to fulfill God’s will with our life. Therefore, if we want to live our life as the Lord Jesus, then we must remain in God’s obedience.

I think the reason for the change of life of Christians is that they are following God’s commandments only according to the wishes of their mind. We cannot live our lives like Jesus until we think of it as Lord Jesus. We must change our thinking in order to live like a Lord Jesus. God’s commandments must follow the same way as the Lord Jesus. Only then will our life be like the Lord Jesus.

You should also lead your other Christian brothers and sisters; they should also try to attract Christ to lead a life. Let them also know that we all need to make changes in our thinking only then we will be able to live our lives as the Lord Jesus Christ and receive the blessings of God. I wish that this article will excite you to live like Jesus Christ and you will also try to live your life as a Lord Jesus.