Jesus in love

We all want to bring love to our life. All of us have read or seen about love too. So far, we have seen the love of one mother, father, brother, sister, grandfather, grandmother, maternal grandfather, grandmother, maternal uncle, mama, uncle, aunt and wife in our life. But in this article, we will read about the love of Christ.

If someone asks us who did the most love to you then we should have the answer to the Lord Jesus Christ. Because the Lord Jesus Christ excelled from us, which you can do to your parents, besides the Lord Jesus Christ, just as your parents love you selflessly, in the same way, firstly, the Lord Jesus Christ did selfless love for you. He used to love us, so that he gave ourselves on the cross so that we could get a glimpse of them in their name. In his name, we can find eternal life in heaven.

The difference between the love between the parents and the Lord Jesus Christ is so much that you can see and feel the love of the parents. But you must believe in the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. For this you must first believe in the Bible, then you can believe in the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. If your belief is not on the Bible, you will not be able to believe in the Lord’s love. Parents’ love is limited only to their lifetime, but the love of the Lord Jesus Christ is unlimited for you.

Parents love you because they are their obligation to love you. There is also a limit to their love. They can not give their life for their love, but the Lord gave his life on the cross to prove his love. So that our sins can be forgiven. As the Bible speaks of Paul in the Bible:

God shows his love for us, while we were still sinners, Christ died for us (Romans 5: 8)

This word of the Bible means that God loved us so much that he died on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins. So that we can be forgiven by the sins we have committed and have attained eternal life. It is the Lord who wants to have every human life to live eternally, we must believe in His love and obey His commandments.

If we also love the Lord, then our lives should be in accordance with their wishes. Just as he loved us selflessly, we too would love to be selfless in love. We also become kind and courageous like ours. Become the cause of hope for us and people by our lives. By which the name of the Lord will become more glorious.

We see in the Bible that the Lord also loved the sinners and gave his life for the sinners. In the same way, we should also love all the people, even if they are not the only ones who want our bad desires. You will say how it is possible that we love the one who wants our bad. But this is the wish of the Lord that if we love the most then we will have to do this. I know that it is a bit difficult, but we have to do this. We see in the Bible that Yusuf’s brothers did not do good with him in the beginning and sold him, but Yusuf only loved his brothers and forgave them and allowed them to live with him in the mixed nation. Then you will see that God was always with him and in his every work he was giving success. When we fulfill the wishes of the Lord Jesus Christ from our lives, then God always lives with us and fills us with our joy and peace. The life of the Lord teaches us to do good only, so we should always strive to do good with people. This makes the Lord happy with our life.

God bless you all.