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Jesus before the gospels

All of the brothers and sisters of praise Jesus Christ. We all know about the Lord Jesus Christ. We all know that the Lord Jesus Christ gave his life for us and the resurrection on the third day rose from the dead. All of us, about the life of his service, read very little in the Bible. But before the time of their service, the Bible has been reduced too. The Lord Jesus Christ started his service after thirty years of age. After serving about 3.5 years, he gave his life on the cross. What did they do before we know very little about this?

A famous writer Bart ehrman, has written a book on this subject in which he described life before the service of Lord Jesus Christ. Reading this book gives us more information about the Lord Jesus Christ. Prior to writing this book, the author has made extensive research about the life of 30 years of the Lord Jesus Christ. After that he has done the work of writing this book. Any writing of this book has not been fully implemented on biblical writings.

By reading this book, we get more information about the Lord Jesus Christ. From this book we learn what the Lord Jesus Christ used to do for 30 years. We also get information from his parents in this book. How many brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ were there we also get this information from this book. You should also read this book at a time, so that you can get more information about the Lord Jesus Christ. You can also buy this book from Amazon. Here link is this.

I wish that this book will prove to be good for you spiritually. After reading this book, you will be able to know more about the Lord Jesus Christ.

God bless you.