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God created you for a purpose

Around 700 crore people are living in this world at present. Many of these people know about God. These people know that God has created this creation. They also know that God is in love with them and it was for those people that God sent his only son Jesus Christ and allowed him to die on the cross. They also know that they are the chosen people of God. The Spirit of God convinced them, as a result of which they believe in God. These people are living their lives whether in happiness or in misery. They are always walking with God. But these people do not know why God has made us. Not many people have the answer to why God has made us. Many times we say in times of misery or sorrow why God has made us. In today’s time, this is the question for many believers, why has God made this world or man.

We all think about our future what our future will be like. We make many plans for our future. In the same way God has made some future plans for all of us. The Word of God Psalm 139 also says that God was thinking of us before any of us were born. God has made all of us with complete plans. Before God made us, he used to think how we looked. What kind of things are around us. God took time to make us and decided what skills we should have and what kind of abilities we had. God has plans for us in detail. He has our plans for eternity.

We all feel that we do not see God. That is why we continue to sin. But God constantly watches us. He cares for us. He serves us as proof that Jesus Christ himself has given us salvation on the cross. When we cry, God hears it. He always looks at us all the time. God has made us to know and understand him and be subject to him. No matter what the situation in our life, we always looked at him. God has made us so that we can do His work with our lives. That is why Jesus Christ has said in Matthew chapter 28 that make people of the nations my disciples and teach them the things I have taught you.

The purpose of making God us is that we continue to know God and always glorify His name. Remember him in every moment of your life. We should remember him at all times in our life and try to live our life according to his words. God has called us to increase his kingdom. That is why people who do not know about God also tell us about God so that they too can know the love of God.

So now you people have got the answer to this question that why God has made us. God has created us because we know God and always subordinate him and do his work with our lives. By this, God will spread through our lives. God has some plan for the life of all of us, which he will fulfill in his time. God has also set a time for the coming of Jesus Christ which will be according to His will. We all have to glorify God and fulfill God’s will with our lives. God himself will care and protect us at all times. Therefore, we have to tell more and more people about God so that they too can know God and get the purpose of their life right.