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Church of god in Christ Mennonite

In this article we will learn about Old Mennonite Church. John Holdman was one of those saints who were demanding to fight honestly for faith. He had been living Christ life since the age of 21. He was not baptized for 21 years. Till then he gave his full attention to the study of the Holy Scriptures and showed his unwavering commitment to show the path of the Holy Spirit.

After becoming 21 years old, he became increasingly aware even after this, the old Mennonite Church showed a lot of inferiority. There was a lot of concern in this church at the time of Holdman. After this, Holdman appealed to some church leaders and they gathered to take action and share their concern at some points. Some other people held their separate meetings in 1859. This small beginning eventually led to permanent separation from the Old Mennonite Church. At that time the group organized this church as the Church of God, New Christ, Mennonite.

The life span of Jal Holdman was from 1832 to 1900 . He was a spirit-filled preacher and preacher. He was soon recognized in the church as a minister. He became a prolific writer in both German and English languages. His most exquisite work is the Mirror of Huth, a collection of doctrinal writings and practical Bible teachings, which is still considered edited and educative by the Church.

In addition to writing this much, Holdman took a business trip in writing. Many people were spiritually reborn by his writings and came to faith. Divisions were formed in various states and provinces of the United States and Canada.

All these meetings worked for unity and conferences were held to discuss the principles and practices. The German periodical Botschafter der Warheit was published for several years. The English Messenger of Huth was published in 1900. This letter is still being published. Since then, this church has been doing its work in this way. This church serves to influence many nations of the world. Many people have been brought to faith through this church. This church today is following the final commandment of the Lord Jesus Christ. Which is written in verse 19-20 of Matthew 28. Thus the Church of God, New Christ, became permanent after the leadership of Mennonite John Holdman, and continued to work for the believers.