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10 Tips for bible study

God shows us a new day every day. Maybe we worship every day or pray. But we do not read the Bible every day. What will happen that will be retreat from the kingdom of the kingdom soon. To be persistent in the Lord’s kingdom, reading the Bible is very important. This helps us to recite the gospel of the Lord to the people. That’s why we should study the Bible daily. I think that you may need something to recommend for Bible study. The suggestion is as follows:

10 Recommendations for Bible Study

  1. For Bible study, you must read the Bible every day. You must do this in real life. You should read the Bible every day even if you do not read it for 10 minutes. If you do not have a bible, you can download bible from your Google Play Store in your smart phone.
  2. To study Bible studies, you have to understand the Bible very well. For this, you can use the site. This site has a unique study on parts of the bible. This will simplify you to study the Bible.
  3. For Bible study, think deeply about what you read in the Bible and write it in your notebook. It will remind you of what you have studied with it for a long time.
  4. When you study the Bible, first of all pray that God will give you the wisdom to understand the Bible. The Bible is the true author of God, who understood the 40 writers of the Bible that they could write this holy scripture. You need a Holy Spirit to understand this. For which you will have to pray to God.
  5. In Bible studies, you remember some of the Bible verses. You can take enough time to remember them. You understand these verses well. After that you remember the word.
  6. For Bible study, you will be present in all the meetings or in your church regularly and try to listen to all the publicity. This will allow you to get new ideas in the Bible study that you have made. This allows you to see many of the verses of a verse. This will develop your thinking power and you will also understand the Bible’s words as other propagators.
  7. Bible studies should be done in the same way alone, but if you want to do it with a group then take a small group. The Bible is the true meaning of the words of the Bible. We can not accept Bible verses according to our own. What we mean by the word of the Bible is to keep us in meditation. We can not mix anything in the sense of Bible verses. It is supposed to be eclipsed like saying the word.
  8. For Bible study, you are reading or studying what you are reading from the Bible with your friends or family. With this you will be able to prepare your word more well and if your word is less then your friend or family members will give you the right opinion.
  9. During Bible study, you try to obey all the commands. This will make you honest towards the word and verses.
  10. During Bible study, you should feel that by constantly studying, you are forgetting old words, then you should not be discouraged. If you feel you have been learn the old verses too. This allows you to study the Bible completely.

You can study the Bible using these suggestions. I wish these 10 suggestions will help you to study the Bible.